• "Magnificient.....Copland is one of the best pianists in jazz history, the greatest jazz piano poet since Bill Evans."
    --- Jazzstation.com
  • “This is grand jazz, in which style is transcended to arrive at the essence of musical expression."
    --- Musiczoom.it
  • "The piano whisperer."
    --- Jazz'n'More (Switzerland)
  • "A true master of enchantment..."
    --- Rondo (Germany)
  • "The most exciting and versatile contemporary jazz pianist...."
    --- Jazzzeit (Austria)
  • "It's jazz at its absolute finest."
    --- jazzreview.com
  • "His harmonic ingenuity is amazing... Copland is rightly considered one of the most important jazz pianists of the decade."
    --- Dresden Morning Post (Germany)
  • "Copland is the perfect leader in every moment."
    --- Cuadernos de Jazz (Spain)
  • "Jazz the way it was meant to be... makes one realize how ordinary, how formulaic, so much of the rest of today's music has become."
    --- Boston Globe (USA)
  • "A veritable poet of the piano."
    --- Repertoire (France)
  • "A quiet giant of his instrument... the stuff of legend."
    --- AllAboutJazz.com (USA)

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"Exploiting harmony and texture to the full, to express the range of a piece’s possibilities, drawing on the legacy of Bill Evans in the way chords lead from one to the next; these were on display. Copland likes to weave a skein of harmony, full of crystalline resonances and then reveal a tune." Read the full Mike Collins review of the 2019 Cheltenham Jazz Festival concert on JazzyBlogMan

"Copland is a pianist of vast experience, gentle touch and huge harmonic resource, and yet the playing has a touching nakedness about it, his hands fluttering towards one harmony only to change their mind at the last minute and dart to a different chord. " Read the full Ivan Hewett review of the 2019 Cheltenham Jazz Festival concert on The Telegraph

“5 Stars: Elementally essential, Marc Copland late career resurgence/reemergence/renaissance continues undaunted with NightFall, [...] his finest solo moment.“ Read the Mike Jurkovic review on All About Jazz: "Marc Copland: Nightfall"

“This is no ordinary solo piano record. It is an extraordinary recital where sublime pianism is applied to grand and spacious compositions, each of which take us unexpectedly into another world.“ Read the Raul De Gama review on All About Jazz: "Marc Copland: Nightfall"

"Copland's piano is rhythmically elegant as it weaves lines of unexpected beauty [...]. The effect is intoxicating..." Read the Ralph Miriello review on the Huffington Post: "Pianist/Composer Marc Copland Reaches New Heights With Zenith"

"He dips deeply into harmony, creating glistening chords and shimmering rhythms, a sort of diaphanous dream music so beautiful it's almost hard to believe. "

Read more about the "Zenith" review from All About Jazz.

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