"NY Trios Vol 3 Night Whispers" with Drew Gress and Bill Stewart

"The strongest top to bottom and most poetic album I've heard in a while...the most recognizable and individual piano approach going... Copland and company have delivered a special album." /Down Beat (USA)

"The piano whisperer."
/Jazz 'n More (Switzerland)

"A true master of enchantment...This CD proves anew that Marc Copland is one of the most important pianists of our time." /Rondo (Germany)

"A modern masterpiece... Not since Bill Evans has a pianist so thoroughly exposed himself through his music.  Every understated note or chord is full to the brim with unspoken emotion.  His music is dynamic without exhibitionism or brashness. It builds from some deep and hidden source that allows him to express himself so beautifully."           
/jazz.com (USA) 

"You will be blown away... I cannot say enough here about the musicianship captured on this recording....Copland is just an astonishingly talented player and a musician in every sense of the word. This trio is endlessly creative and original."/bass musician magazine (USA)

"When Marc Copland plays, your hair lifts off of your arms!! One of jazz piano's hidden treasures, a true master of our beloved art form." /Cabaretexchange.com

"Spontaneous, tasteful, goal-driven and now in his prime, Marc Copland’s work has grown to the point where he is one of the leading jazz pianists of his generation." /jazzreview.com (USA)

"A watershed, a career milestone...it would be almost criminal were this group to be but a one-time affair. "/AAJ.com 2009

"Very modern, timeless, respectful, mysterious, impressionist...has revived the piano trio, and with Night Whispers created another masterpiece."/Jazz Podium (Germany)

"The most exciting and versatile contemporary jazz pianist...."/Jazzzeit (Austria)

"It’s jazz at its absolute finest."/jazzreview.com

"His harmonic ingenuity is amazing....Copland is rightly considered one of the most important jazz pianists of the decade.."/Dresden Morning Post (Germany)

"An introverted genius, intuition leads him everywhere...a highly sensitive musician, a totally independent harmonic concept.  Despite previous great recordings with Gary Peacock and Paul Motian, the current trio with Bill Stewart and Drew Gress seems to be his ultimate dream team--the three work together perfectly."/Jazz Thing (Germany)

"I don't know about you, but I love the unexpected.  Taking a musical masterpiece to places previously unkown is the sign of someone unsatisfied with playing by rote.  Copland and his New York Trio take this music out for a long and rewarding walk.  I suggest you tag along."/jazz.com (USA)

"This multifaceted album proves that Copland is rightly considered one of the most important  jazz pianists of this decade."/Jazz Zeitung (Germany)

"Five stars....Copland, Gress and Stewart are masters of fine nuances." /Concerto (Germany)

"finds him at another career high point... contemporary and deeply personal"/AAJ.com 2008

Marc Copland is a Wild West pioneer quietly redefining jazz piano and the art of the trio on the cutting edge.." /Allaboutjazz.com,2008

"This is a pianist with a probingly original mind... full of interesting twists and turns yet flowing as incessantly onward as the jazz piano trio tradition itselfâ€â€ï¿½which Marc Copland continues to enrich with each new release."/jazz.com 2008

"Copland is the perfect leader in every moment. His accompaniments, so complex and just as captivating as his solos, infect his personality in every second and transform him into the kind of captain who commands the crew without commanding and who runs the ship just by being there."/Cuadernos de Jazz (Spain), 2008.

"A monument of impeccable sophistication, this album has what it takes to make the listings of best album of the year."/Jazz.pt,(Portugal),  2008"

"Jazz the way it was meant to be...makes one realize how ordinary, how formulaic, so much of the rest of today's music has become….these guys don't need a leader." /Boston Globe (USA), 2007

"Ne cherchez plus, l'art du trio, c'est ca.  Look no further for the art of the trio, this is it."/Jazz Magazine (Fr), 2006

" Best Acoustic Pianist of 2007." /Tribuna da Imprensa (Brasil)

" Best Acoustic Pianist of 2006." /Tribuna da Imprensa (Brasil)

"La rencontre est exceptionelle, la musique miraculeuse.  The encounter is exceptional, the music miraculous."/Jazzman (Fr), 2006

"This first album in the trilogy raises the bar right to the top."/Cuadernos de Jazz (Spain),  2006

"Classic, modern, timeless, heartfelt, irreverent, enigmatic, intimate, Modinha is a CD of the year---this year or any other." /Jazzearredores.blogspot.com (Portugal), 2006

"A veritable poet of the piano."
/Repetoire (France), 2002

"A quiet giant of his instrument...the stuff of legend." /AllAboutJazz.com (USA), 2001

Marc Copland
"The Piano Whisperer"

 photo:  Francesco Prandoni 2014
"A spellbinder....a true master of enchantment, the poet of the piano...he hears sounds no one else does....an artist of the first order, infused with so much emotion that it connects directly and deeply with open-eared listeners....a probingly original mind.....jazz as it was meant to be...there is nothing comparable....the perfect leader."
LIVE GIGS 2015-2016

August, 2015
NOW THIS Peacock / Copland / Baron
5-Augsburg (De)
8-La Petite Pierre (Fr)
10-Oslo (N)

ABERCROMBIE QUARTET Abercrombie / Copland / Gress / Baron
30--Willisau (At)

September, 2015
12-20--ESSENTIALS Schlappi / Copland, Switzerland and Germany

October, 2015

6-17--ABERCROMBIE QUARTET details at www.saudades.at

November-December, 2015
27-6--ZENITH Copland / Alessi / Gress / Baron



"Crosstalk"--with Greg Osby,
Doug Weiss, Victor Lewis

"We keep on saying it.....what magnificent touch, what mysterious beauty in his harmonic choices, what fresh surprises from this subtle lord of the modern piano."---Jazzman, France

"harmonically astute writing, imaginative interpretations of standards, and sensitivity as a sophisticated soloist."---AA


    "Alone"  -- solo piano
"Critic's pick". ---NY Times

"Copland has risen to the lightly populated top tier of jazz pianists...Alone is a beginning-to-end gorgeous work of art, solo piano at its highest level." (AAJ.com)

"Insight"--duos with Gary Peacock
"By now, Copland and Peacock have achieved high priest status in the jazz world....a masterful and marvelous duo outing."  ---AAJ.com (USA)

"Two masters, reciprocal players, and friends interacting.  Peacock is a stellar soloist, while Copland is one of the most creatively lyrical voices alive today."  ---jazz.chicago.net

"Modinha"--NY Trios Vol 1 with Gary Peacock and Bill Stewart


"Five stars…There is nothing comparable to the Marc Copland trio of 2007. What a wonder with such players: homogeneity, listening, participation, and interplay--the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts" --Piano News (Germany)

"At this moment, most assuredly one of the most inventive (trios) there is… the meeting is exceptional, the music miraculous… " --Jazzman (France)

"A beautiful record." --NY Times (USA)

"Look no further for the art of the trio, this is it." --Jazz Magazine (France)

"Perhaps no better current trio….not that Copland is a one-trick pony, but if you want a romantic lushness that is more poetic than rococo, there is no one better."--Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Voices: NY Trios Vol 2 with Gary Peacock and Paul Motian

"Peacock's Runner is one of the finest group performances I've heard in a long time. These are fine albums both, that will grow in stature."
Jazzwise (UK), 2008

"One of the most original pianists in jazz...harmonically he's unlike anyone else. This marvelous trio is fresh, assured and independently minded."/Irish Times, 2007

"A trio of jazz heavyweights... Voices� goes a long way in cementing this musician's place in the jazz world as one of the best contemporary pianists of our time."/ejazznews.com 2008

"Both/And" with Randy Brecker, Ed Howard, Victor Lewis (Nagel-Heyer)

"One of the most distinctive jazz pianists alive....and I doubt if Brecker has ever played better on record.  Sheer pleasure."/Irish Times, 2006

"A meeting of heavy-weights in every sense of the word."/JazzReview (UK), 2006

"Copland's five originals are stunning...on the sidewinder, Copland and Brecker break new ground with their improvisations."/AAJ-New York, 2007


No Choice:  Piano duets with Bill Carrothers
"A continuous sonic adventure couched in terms of great beauty, owing as much to classical influences as to jazz...a series of variations spellbinding in their inventiveness and compelling in their sheer poetry of sound...it was a privilege to be there."/Irish Times (concert review)

"Four f's (highest rating)...the two pianos sound as one,  magnified,  played by a being with four hands one lone head, in a state of high creativity."/telerama (France)

"These are two of my favorite pianists....repeated listening will reveal innumerable sonic pleasures."/jazz magazine (France)


Solo piano, recorded in Zurich
Radio's concert hall
"Five Stars...his extraordinary ability (is) quite unlike that of any other pianist's.  He hears sounds no one else does." /Irish Times (2005)

"Time Within Time ist ein Meisterwerk" /Rondo (2005, Germany)

"Copland injects cerebral underpinnings with deep-rooted emotive characteristics.  That unto itself is a tall order for a musician.  Yet, Copland pulls it off in rather poignant fashion during this quietly penetrating release."/jazzreview.com


"Some Love Songs," trio with Drew Gress, Jochen Rueckert
"Copland is remarkable: delicately adjusting line and harmony, constantly confounding expectations, he reconciles surprise with inevitabliity, each performance balancing logic and lyric beauty."/Irish Times

"This is--in all modesty--art."/Jazz Magazine (France)

"A perfect recording in every respect."/JazzMan (France)

  "Some More Love Songs for Marc Copland Home Page"
  "Some More Love Songs"--
Marc Copland, Drew Gress,
Jochen Rueckert

"Magnificient.....Copland is one of the best pianists in jazz history, the greatest jazz piano poet since Bill Evans.   This is among the best jazz releases of 2012."  ---Jazzstation.com

"This is grand jazz, in which style is transcended to arrive at the essence of musical expression."---musiczoom.it

"Four 1/2 stars....tender, economical, and delicious."  Fono  Forum (Germany)

"Once again, Copland's piano sings and seduces....one of the best piano trio albums of the year."
----Jazz n More (Switzerland)

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