• "Magnificient.....Copland is one of the best pianists in jazz history, the greatest jazz piano poet since Bill Evans."
    --- Jazzstation.com
  • “This is grand jazz, in which style is transcended to arrive at the essence of musical expression."
    --- Musiczoom.it
  • "The piano whisperer."
    --- Jazz'n'More (Switzerland)
  • "A true master of enchantment..."
    --- Rondo (Germany)
  • "The most exciting and versatile contemporary jazz pianist...."
    --- Jazzzeit (Austria)
  • "It's jazz at its absolute finest."
    --- jazzreview.com
  • "His harmonic ingenuity is amazing... Copland is rightly considered one of the most important jazz pianists of the decade."
    --- Dresden Morning Post (Germany)
  • "Copland is the perfect leader in every moment."
    --- Cuadernos de Jazz (Spain)
  • "Jazz the way it was meant to be... makes one realize how ordinary, how formulaic, so much of the rest of today's music has become."
    --- Boston Globe (USA)
  • "A veritable poet of the piano."
    --- Repertoire (France)
  • "A quiet giant of his instrument... the stuff of legend."
    --- AllAboutJazz.com (USA)

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What's happening this month

Live Gigs For 2023

THE NEW MARC COPLAND TRIO featuring Drew Gress and Billy Drummond

TUESDAY, MARCH 21 AT THE ZINC BAR, NYC, sets at 7 and 8.30 pm......www.zincjazz.com

Just finished new trio recording, will be released later this year....will play some of new material at the Zinc!

other gigs this year >>>

Previous trio release

FIVE STARS......these three love and live the music so much that they have recorded the most beautiful, pleasurable, and sensitive piano trio album of recent years." ---Rondo (Germany)

"Interplay is their driving force, giving their music a rare expressiveness...they shimmer and plunge you into a rather indescribable musical space. Pinch us, we're dreaming! Indispensable, totally." ---Culturejazz.fr (France)

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